Thursday, July 30, 2009

Insect, high protein gift??

It is said that Chinese eats almost everything with four legs – except table. But I was still shocked to see deep fried insects sold at Bangkok roadside.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thai snack food at Chinatown, Bangkok

Bangkok is a happening city when night falls. Judging by the number of night markets within the city, you will be impressed by a plethora of xiao chi, which means ‘small eats’. Served in dainty portions, these dishes are often eaten on the go, quickly wolfed down before one comes across something else to order. Though some vendors provide folding tables and stools, the best way to experience the night market is to walk and eat your way to experience through the streets. You will be well rewarded with a bountiful spread that includes the all-time Thai favourite, Tom Yum Kung, Thai dessert, snacks, fried pho, an assortment of barbecued meats and... bird nest?

Yes, bird nest. You can find the bird nest at the Chinatown, Bangkok. With gingko nut, each bowl (big) costs only 300baht. It’s a good deal as dessert.

Fine dining @ Sirocco at Lebua, Bangkok

On my last night at Bangkok, we complemented the trip with a luxury dinner. We went to a place where it is a truly unique luxury hotel in Bangkok -Lebua.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uomasa, authentic Japanese food in Bangkok?

Uomasa is highly recommended by a lot of writers for its authentic Japanese food at affordable price. Obviously, it became part of my itinerary when i visited Bangkok, even though it was quite far away from the hotel I stayed.

But, it didn’t disappoint me at all. I spent less than SGD$50 for the fabulous meal.

Assorted Sashimi, which includes tuna, toro (tuna belly), yellowtail, fresh scallop, sweet prawn, sakura (salmon roe), seabream 800baht, imported from Japan. Fresh and worth for value, must try!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chinese Cuisine @ Mayim West Mall, Bukit Batok

If you intend to treat your love one a fabulous meal but at affordable price, you could consider Mayim Chinese Cuisine. In April, we organized a gathering to celebrate MG’s birthday. With 7 adults, we ordered 12 dishes and refillable drinks, and it only cost us around $120. It’s considered a good bargain for us, as we all are ‘jiak par par’ (in hokkien terms , means having eaten to satisfaction )

Roselle juice - 洛神花茶, anti-aging?

Recently, there is a ‘berries’ trend in town, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberries and etc... It claims that having berries are good as they are contains high level of antioxidants, such like anthocyanins. There is laboratory-based evidence was provided anthocyanins are potential health effects against cancer, diabetes, and aging.

Baa baa... Hay Dairies, fresh goat milk in Singapore??

We heard that there is a goat farm at Singapore, Hay Dairies, the only goat farm in Singapore. It is located on the very obscure Lim Chu Kang, but I took the opportunity to enjoy the nature scenery. We took the Kranji Express bus for $2, which departs at intervals from Kranji MRT station.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinese Cuisine @ My Humble House, Esplanade

So happy, finally have chance to enjoy weekend lunch buffet at Humble House on Saturday. I am longed for having meal at my humble house when I found out that the menu features the dishes of Tung Lok’s creative team of chefs led by Corporate Chef Sam Leong.

Once you enter the restaurant, you can sense the artistic modern elements in the restaurant’s design immediately. The restaurant serves the neo classical Chinese cuisine, and it has been awarded Asian Restaurant of the year 2009 by the Award of Excellent World Gourmet Summit.

Due to GSS food promotion, the restaurant has promoted weekend lunch buffet at $38++per person (adult), and $24++ (for children age 3-10yrs old) since June. This buffet is a a-la-carte order buffet, which include totally 95 dishes. Yes, is not typo mistake, is 95 dishes cost at $38++. But, the wow factor is there is a 1 for 1 promotion for UOB credit card member (min 4 person).

WOW!!! YES, ONLY $22.36 PER PERSON. That’s why I am so happy and excited, because it’s definitely more than worth.

Pan-seared Foie Gras on Caramelised Watermelon 香煎鹅肝拼焦糖西瓜is the appetiser which highly recommend. I love Foie Gras, it was well-prepared with a nicely browned surface. When it melts in my mouth, it gave way to a soft and rich core but juicy because of watermelon. This is an interesting combination, must try!

Another dishes I would recommend is Wok-fried Fish Noodles with Seafood 海鲜香炒鱼茸面. The noodles is so chewy and springy, tastes like a lot of fish cake with every bites. This fish noodles is full of 'wok-fragrance', must try!

The potion they served for 4 persons is quite big, please ask for 2 person serving to have more variety of food. And always remember don’t order too many dim sum, rice and noodles, as we need to complemented the meal by dessert.

Hope that they will do the same promotion again in next year.

Address: 8 Raffles Avenue
#02-27 The Esplanade Mall,
Singapore 039802, Singapore
Phone: +65 6423 1881

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clarke Quay Food Street

The Clarke Quay food street is so happening, everyone is busy with their food. Even though is so crowded, but I still decide to join the queue and having my dinner here.

The 1st stall I queued for is the Florence Gourmet, I bought the kuih tih pie and popiah. It’s traditional homemade nonya popiah, the ingredient is different compare with the normal one. Must try!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Singapore Food Festival opening

With the music presented by the youngsters, Singapore Food Festival was officially open yesterday. With up to 30 stalls, the Clarke Quay Food street was full with food lovers. Can you feel how crowded is it? Go down today, if you haven’t planned where to go for dinner.

Ps: Food coupons are needed for buying food, and entitle a lucky draw chance with every $20 spends.

Nonya food @ Nonya Delicatessen, Bukit Timah

Nonya Delicatessen, a famous nonya food stall at Bukit Timah Plaza. Do you try it before? This is a stall, I would like to recommend to you, because the food is so authentic, and the price is reasonable. Here, you can feel warm, and passion of food. Am I exaggerate my feeling?

Early noon, the mother starts peeling the cooked prawn, preparing the stock for the laksa, and the son arranges the tables and chairs, and decorate it with the fresh flower. Some of the food has been delivered by the siblings. And the air is full of sweetness, coconut, hot, spicy, and spice...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Know more of Singapore for less

How much do you know about Singapore? We might visit the Louvre Museum in Paris before, but never visit any of the museums in Singapore or visited long time ago. Is it because not attractive enough? Or we didn’t appreciate the beauty? I wonder why, but I believe because I take it for granted, I didn’t realise that there are a lot people have put in efforts to promote Singapore’s attraction.

Every year, I wonder why so many tourists come to Singapore. Where do they go? What do they do? Is it too expensive for me to travel in Singapore like a tourist? After I found this website, I believe I am able to find the answers soon. I would like to share this website with you. Do remember to clip on the Association of Singapore Attractions under Attraction, there’re a lot of discount coupons.

Sometimes, I asked myself is the life too hectic? That’s why we seize any chances to travel the world either in long vocation or short weekend. This year, I have planned to “travel” in Singapore instead of travelling to the other country. Are you too?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Singapore Food Festival 2009 - Peranakan Food & Culture

It's so glad after I know the theme of the Singapore Food Festival this year is Peranakan Food and Culture. I can't deny that I like the nonya food so much, like babi pongteh, itek tim, bakwan kepiting, itek sioh, udang nanas, ayam buah keluak and don't forget the colourful kuih-buih (Malay word, means a lot of 'kuihs'). Ah, what?!! you know none of the dishes I mention. But.... but... all of these are signature dishes of Peranakan food. Hmm... It's quite pity that if you didn't try before.

You might say" Well... But I don't know which restaurant is authentic and what to order? it's so expensive to try something which I am not familiar with."

Yeah, I totally agree with you. So, now read the below information carefully, or else you will miss the good chances for the good meal and good deal. Haha

1. Peranakan Parade
There will be a Peranakan Parade where more than 200 Peranakan will be dressed in traditional gear, they will ronggeng and joget down the Singapore River. The 1st 200 participants will entitle a goody bag worth up to $50! Please email
Where: Clarke Quay, on 17th July
Time: From 5pm onwards Price: Free to confirm attendance

2. Clarke Quay Food Street
With up to 30 food stalls, you will get to savour food ranging from popular local delicacies to exquisite Peranakan snacks. The event you must go.
Where: Read Street, on 17th-25th July
Time: 4pm-11pm Price: From $2 onwards

3. Singapore River Market
The Market Bazzar which is unique with the authentic Peranakan delicacies to unique accessories and sented oils, this bazaar will surprise you through the eclectric handicrafts and accessories! Check out for more information
Where: River Promenade, on 17th-19th & 24th-26th
Time: 4pm-11pm Price: Free

4. The longest Peranakan Buffet Line
Be prepared by Swissotel Merchant Court with up to 100 Peranakan dishes. Let's experience a sumptious Peranakan feast with your love under the stars! Tickets will be on sale from 1st to 23rd July at Ellenborough Market Cafe, daily from 12pm-8pm. For enquires or ticket purchase, please call +65 62391848 or email
Where: Read Bridge, Clarke Quay, on 26th July
Time: 5pm - 10pm Price: $35 nett(Adult), $22 nett (Children from 4-11 years old)

So, See you there!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Curry Fish Head @ Kim Long Restaurant, JB

If you ask me what for lunch at JB (Johor Bahru near City Square), I would recommend you Curry fish head! But why? Trust me, just join the queue without questions anymore. How can you miss the queue if you believe that people are only willing queuing for good food, and people keep on queuing start from early lunch time 11am until 3pm.