Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chinese Cuisine @ Mayim West Mall, Bukit Batok

If you intend to treat your love one a fabulous meal but at affordable price, you could consider Mayim Chinese Cuisine. In April, we organized a gathering to celebrate MG’s birthday. With 7 adults, we ordered 12 dishes and refillable drinks, and it only cost us around $120. It’s considered a good bargain for us, as we all are ‘jiak par par’ (in hokkien terms , means having eaten to satisfaction )

At Mayim, there is a great variety of southern and northern chinese cuisine. Among the dishes I have tasted, I would highly recommend their signature dofu.
I don’t know whether the dofu is handmade, but it’s taste good to me. The surface is in lovely golden colour, crispy but not dried; the inside is so soft, hot, melting in your mouth with strong soya bean fragrance. Must try!

Another signature dishes, sweet & sour pork served with dragon fruit. I think the sweet & sour pork is a must have dishes in chinese restaurant. What impresed me is that eventhough the pork cube is coated with flour, it’s still crispy after absorb the sweet and sour sauce. The meat should be marinated overnight, as you can taste the meat is tender with multiple layer of flavour instead of sweet and sour. Must try!

Although I like this dishes, but mayonnaise is a bit too much for me. The mayonnaise has covered the shrimp’s sweetness, I prefer wasabi to spice up the dishes.

If you don’t like heavy-flavoured dishes, maybe you could try this sauted sliced fish garnished with ginger, scallion & dried garlic, is a light-flavoured dishes. Worth to try!

If you are considering organize a gathering like me, I suggest you make an appointment because the restaurant is always full house and there’s always a queue outside the restaurant. What?!! Need to queue? Yeah, need to queue again for good food, but, the good news is there is a new branch at Northpoint, Yishun. Coming soon...

1 Bukit Batok Central Link,
#02-04 West Mall,
Singapore 658713
Tel: 67941590
Fax: 67937635

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