Sunday, September 6, 2009

International Buffet @ Ellenborough Market Cafe, Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore

On a Saturday, we decided to have a lunch buffet, at a restaurant that I wished to go for long time. We were shocked to see so many foodies queuing at the entrance, and majority of them had already made reservation. KH scolded me why didn’t I make reservation as usual, but how would I know there were so many people sharing the same mind, wanting to eat the same food, at the same time, at the same place.

Ha, genius shares the same mind, Ellenborough Market Café was awarded for the Singapore Top Restaurants in 2008. There are a variety of foods as the restaurant provides including Straits Chinese, local and International cuisine. Under such a sunny day, we have been arranged to have our lunch outdoor (as the indoor seats were fully booked). Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable experience to us as we were dining by the bank of the Singapore River with the nostalgic settings.

Now, let’s start!
Oyster omelette

I am first attracted by the aroma of the oyster omelette. A queue was formed when the cook started to cook the oyster omelette. The fragrance from the eggs and seafood made me drooling. Different with usual type of oyster omeIette I have before, they use bigger oysters. Does it taste better? Emm… I leave it to you to judge. Anyway, must try!

Nonya Laksa

The nonya laksa, another signature dishes of the restaurant; the gravy is perfectly thick, but the noodle is overcooked a little.

Left picture: Mushroom salad (top), Trio of bean (top), Shanghai salad (bottom), Fruit kerabu (bottom)
Right picture: Salad done by myself (Assort veges, fruit kerabu, sweet corns, herb vinaigrette)

I have been impressed by the salad, I seldom impressed by the salad in the buffet. To me, salad is just too common. But, I would like to recommend the fruit kerabu and you can prepare your own salad by using the salad utensil at the salad bar. It’s refreshing to have salad before you have buffet.

Ayam buah keluak (left top), Nonya chap chye (right top), Babi chin (left bottom), Nonya chilli (middle bottom), Kuih tie pie (right bottom)

There is a nonya food bar at the other corner of the restaurant, and don’t miss it!
Kuih dadar (left top), Crispy sweet potatoes (right top), Durian penget (bottom)

These are the most luscious desserts in the restaurant (I meant to me), which you should not miss, especially the durian penget!

Longan in syrup

Left picture: Ah Bolling (left top) , Foo Cho Pak Kor (right top), Pulut hitam served with coconut milk (bottom) Right picture: Bubur chacha (top), White fungal with papaya (left bottom), Cheng teng (right bottom)

There are a lot of soup desserts, but don’t miss the longan in syrup and pulut hitam served with coconut milk.

Assort. cakes

I have completed my meal with assorted of cakes and a cup of coffee. Among the cakes, don’t miss the banana cake with sweet corns and pistachio (right at the bottom), it’s pretty nice!

You might wonder why the main courses have not appeared … Yes, it is a lunch buffet, but I do not try all. If they are not worth to be in my stomach, they are not worth to be here :)


  1. Something about that oyster omelet that looks really good! Fun post!

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