Friday, August 13, 2010

Chinese Cuisine @ Restaurant Oversea, KL

Our last stop at Kuala Lumpur – Oversea Restaurant, the restaurant is famous for fine contemporary Chinese cuisine which emphasis on Cantonese cuisine. The group has 7 branches in Malaysia, and we went to the one which located at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.

When you are at Oversea Restaurant, don't forget to order their signature dish - Char Siu. Do you see that the char siu is in such big chunk foam?  They are using pork belly instead of lean meat, honey instead of char siu sauce. With every big bite, the juice will burst out in your mouth. Mmm… or should I say the lard melt in your mouth. Anyway, the taste is heavenly, you can’t imagine the skin is so crispy and yet the meat is tender and juicy with a slight of honey fragrant. So, if you plan to visit this restaurant, don’t forget to order this, is a must try dish.

Char Siu, RM50

Is it too expensive? RM50 for the char siu, hmm… but it is worth for.

Signature-dish - Dark Sauce Big Head Prawn, RM144

The next main course was Dark Sauce Big Head Prawn, another signature dish. The prawns were pretty big, and were cut into half. When the dish was presented, every prawn was coated by the caramelised soy sauce which was so rich and thick. It made the prawns tasted extremely scrumptious.

I prefer to have the prawn head as it was filled with roe, which resembled half boiled eggs yoke.

Oops! forget to take photo before sucked in all the roe, it is yummy!!

House Specialty Tofu and hairy gourd, RM28

Another popular dish which you shouldn’t miss, this dish was simple and yet delicious. The tofu was handmade by restaurant. The tofu was so smooth and silken until you could feel it slipping down your back of your mouth and down your throat. Perfect!

Steamed Soon Hork, RM144

Soon hork - a fresh water type fish, it only be graded A when it is big enough.  We were happy with this steamed Soon Hork as the meat is solid and bouncy, which means the fish was big and fresh enough. The gravy appeared to be plain old soy sauce, it enhanced the freshness of the fish – double thumbs up!

Claypot sliced pork belly with salted fish, RM18

Warning! Ask for more rice before you having the Claypot sliced pork belly with salted fish, another signature dish at Oversea. With the dried chilli and salted fish, this thinly sliced pork belly goes well with white rice as the sauce is so savoury.

Spinach in broth, RM25

Fried Roll Stuffed with Sweet Corn Fish Meat and Chicken Slice, free

With the cut-out voucher, we entitled to enjoy it for free.

Coconut Jelly, RM6.50

We completed our meal with the dessert – coconut jelly. It is enjoyable after you had such a heavy meal.

All in all, although the meal cost us about RM550 for 8 persons (a bit expensive), but we all were satisfied with the meal. This is a restaurant which you should visit at least once if you are craving for Chinese cuisine.

Tips for having a good meal:
1) make the reservation before you go as it is always full house
2) some of the food need to order 1 day in advance, like double boiled soup
3) subscribe their website, as they will offer your free dishes
4) ask for captain’s advise, as some dishes you won’t find in the menu

Overseas Restaurant
84 - 88 , Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 - 2148 7567
(Non Halal)


  1. I have been there before many years ago!

  2. it definitely worth a visit again and again :)