Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thai snack food at Chinatown, Bangkok

Bangkok is a happening city when night falls. Judging by the number of night markets within the city, you will be impressed by a plethora of xiao chi, which means ‘small eats’. Served in dainty portions, these dishes are often eaten on the go, quickly wolfed down before one comes across something else to order. Though some vendors provide folding tables and stools, the best way to experience the night market is to walk and eat your way to experience through the streets. You will be well rewarded with a bountiful spread that includes the all-time Thai favourite, Tom Yum Kung, Thai dessert, snacks, fried pho, an assortment of barbecued meats and... bird nest?

Yes, bird nest. You can find the bird nest at the Chinatown, Bangkok. With gingko nut, each bowl (big) costs only 300baht. It’s a good deal as dessert.

Besides bird nest, you can also find a full of variety of fruits. Well, not only fruits, they even sell fresh fruit juice at the roadside. I would like to recommend this stall to you. It is a van parked opposite the famous Chinese restaurant in China Town. They sell freshly squeeze fruit juice.

No sugar added, just pure juice, and fruity sweetness will refresh you immediately.

The main road of Chinatown, Yaowarat road

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