Thursday, July 30, 2009

Insect, high protein gift??

It is said that Chinese eats almost everything with four legs – except table. But I was still shocked to see deep fried insects sold at Bangkok roadside.

Err... it’s so horrible... the deep fried grasshopper. Locals will peel off the insect’s head, wings, and inner part, and ... eat it.

Another popular one is insects pupae, which is believed to be rich in protein. How does it taste like?? I don’t know, please tell me how does it taste like if you tried before...


  1. they seem unusual but I would try them....

  2. If you are able to check out Andrew Zimmern's Bizzare foods, he eats all sorts of worms and bugs! LOL!

  3. If you want to try, you can find it at Knao San Road, paradise of backpacker...