Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bangkok trip – Day 2: Scrumptious meal @China town Scala Restaurant (唐人街银都鱼翅酒楼)

Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, is a good place to me for having a wonderful dining experience. You will find the best and expensive Chinese restaurant, as well as the cheapest food stalls along the road, especially at night. The restaurant I visited is China Town Scala Restaurant, which represents one of the most upmarket dining options in the area, but the prices are still very reasonable to me, albeit much higher than at the street stalls. You can find this restaurant easily, as this large Chinese restaurant is located on bustling Yaowarat Road, right in the heart of Chinatown, and has a big signboard to attract your attention.

Shark Fin, 1000batt

We have ordered Shark fin – their signature dish. The shark fin they presented was authentic Thai-Teochew version, much different with the shark fin we normally have in the wedding banquet. The shark fin came in a clear but thick broth with crab meat, and we added the bean sprout and coriander, while the soup was hot, superb delicious, must try!

Peking Duck, 1000batt

The restaurant also famous with the Roast suckling pig and Peking duck, and we ordered Peking duck for our meal. But, I am wondered where is my duck, lauging, they served the Peking duck without showing us the duck and the portion of each duck’s skin was so big until we wondered are they serving us more than a duck. Anyway, is worth to try.

Claypot Big Head Prawn with Rice Noodles, 600batt

Does it look familiar? If you visit my blog before, you will find it is quite similar with the Crab vermicelli I posted before. Yes, they are in the same cooking way, but this is tastier. The cook will heat the clay pot (or metal pot) first, and place the pork belly as 1st layer, spring onion, onion and garlic as 2nd layer, rice noodles as 3rd layer, and prawn (which cut into half) place on top of all the ingredients. By the high flame, the essence of the prawn will be absorbed by the rice noodles. I love the rice noodle instead of the prawn, yum yum.

Vegetable in 4, 150batt

Fried rice with Peking duck

Osmanthus flowers Bird’s Nest, 300batt

We were satisfied when we have completed our scrumptious meal with this Osmanthus flowers Bird’s nest.  By the way, I enjoyed 10% discount when I present my e-coupon, which I get it from this website http://www.thailandfans.com/.  Do visit this website before you go to Thailand, as it provide a lot of discount coupon, which save a lot of money.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bangkok trip - Day 1: Cantonese Cuisine @ Grand Sanyod, Bangkok

Chinese cuisine originated from the various regions of China and has become widespread in many other parts of the world, but most of them have been influenced by local ingredients, lifestyle and culture. For example, Korean Chinese cuisine is totally different from the original Chinese cuisine, but not Thai Chinese cuisine. Thai Chinese cuisine maintains most of the original cuisine ‘soul’, and even enhances the quality of the Chinese cuisine.

This restaurant is not in my itinerary, we have found this restaurant by accidentally. But surprisingly, not any single dish can get negative criticized so far, and this fabulous meal is considered a good deal instead, l strongly recommend this restaurant when you visit Bangkok. The story was, at first, we planned to go to Yaowarat (Chinatown) to have our dinner as our first meal in Bangkok. But, we were really tired and hungry after the long journey; since the restaurant is located just next to the hotel, we decided to give it a try, and we were satisfied with this New Year eve’s meal.

Fish Maw Soup, 300batt – 700batt
Fish Maw – actually is just the air bladder of large fish, but it plays an important role as one of the luxury ingredients in Chinese cuisine. In Thailand, due to the geographical advantage, she is abundant with fish maw. Therefore fish maw soup is a pretty common dish in Bangkok; you will find it year round and even served by a number of street vendors. But, this doesn’t mean you can find quality fish maw soup easily.

The fish maw soup they served was wonderful. This stock is simply rich, thick… and the ingredients are very fresh and the fish maw was provided in generous. What a valuable foodstuff, which rich in collagen protein… fantastic, a must try dish!

Deep fried shrimp ball topped w mustard leaf, 150batt – 300batt

Personally, I like this shrimp ball, the ball is bouncy and rich in seafood flavour. It absorbs the sweetness of the mustard leaf. With every bite, you can taste the juice, which is full in flavour.

Pork leg stuffed with ham and Char Siu, 150batt – 300batt
Pork leg stuffed with ham – a skilful dish, in Malaysia, you might only have the chances to taste it in banquet (as the chef needs to spend a lot of time and efforts to prepare this dish, and they only serve when ordered in big quantity). But, you can find this dish ready at most of the Thai Chinese restaurant. Does it mean that they are more appreciating the traditional Chinese dishes?

Seafood fried kuay teow, 70batt – 200batt
Our meal had complemented with this strong ‘wok hei’ seafood fried kway teow. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, there were more great dishes to try, like grilled duck, homemade egg noodles with goose leg in hot pot (we have ordered, but sold out), wonton, hae guen (fried baked shrimp cake). Oh! Maybe one time visit is not enough to try all these great dishes.

The restaurant is no easy to be found as it is located in the alley, but is definitely worth to visit.

1/F The Elegant Court 88 Building,
Soi Jarasvieng,
North Sathorn Rd., Bangrak,
Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
Tel: +66 2630 9200-1