Friday, July 30, 2010

Claypot crab vermicelli (螃蟹冬粉) @ 螃蟹师傅

When you have a serious crab craving but looking for something new to inspire your taste bud, maybe this piping hot claypot crab vermicelli is another good option to you. In Singapore, you can find this dish at most of the (Tze Char) stalls in kopitiams all over Singapore. And I would like to have my crab vermicelli at this Tze Char stall – 螃蟹师傅, since they named themselves as crab master.

the taste will excite you as much as the presentation.

Dang! You will find a lot of crab paste in the vermicelli when you remove the crab shell, they like gem to me :)

This dish comes with at least a whole crab in it, but that is actually not the main role. The best part of this dish is the vermicelli (冬粉) that the crab comes with. First, the chef stir-heat the ginger, cloves of garlic, leak till they are fragrant add in other seasonings and little water, it then goes into a covered claypot with the crab.

By a low fire, the crab starts sweating, and its juices slowly seep into the vermicelli and infusing it with its natural sweetness. As a result, all the goodness goes into the vermicelli which is particularly good at soaking up all the flavors. Then, the chef also throws in spring onion or coriander to enhance the fragrant. When you take off the lid, the first thing that hits you is the whiff of its perfume and the crab paste as decoration.

Every bite is full of the crab paste and vermicelli is so ‘juicy’ and tasty, you can taste the crab’s sweetness in every single vermicelli. Satisfied…


  1. Hey, this crab dish looks so delicious! Crabs just make my legs weak. I've cooked a craby dish recently that you may like to check it out Crustacean Lovers, This Is For You!

  2. I'm already drooling at the thought of the flavors!

  3. Torviewtoronto & Belinda, you should really try it! :)

    Blackswan, you recipe is great but I don't think I can handle crabs myself ...

  4. That vermicelli must be really good like you have described. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Spoon and Chopsticks,
    Yup, the vermicelli is really good, must try ^^

    Me too, do you try it before?