Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Singapore Food Festival 2010 – Chinese Dialect Food in Singapore

Back to Singapore, Singapore Food Festival is coming soon. This year, the theme of the event is Chinese Dialect specialty dishes in Singapore.

In Singapore, the Chinese are grouped according to their respective ancestral groups – who made their way to Singapore from different parts of China. You can find the different communities like Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, Hainanse and Hakka. All the communities have different language, cultural traditions and most importantly cuisine. You can find their own specialty dishes according to their community, for instance, Hainanese pork chop and Hainanese chicken rice as Hainanese cuisine; mee sua and braised kong bak pau as hokkien cuisine; braised duck as Teochew cuisine; and abocus seeds as Hakka cuisine.

From 16 July onwards, there are several major events which you shouldn’t miss;
1) Clarke Quay Food Street
Date: 16-24 July (4pm to 11pm)
Location: Read Bridge Road, free entry
Highlight: 30 different restaurants will participate and present the different Chinese delicacies.

2) Singapore Chinese Street Dialect Snacks
Date: 16-25 July (4pm-11pm)
Location: Clifford Square, Central's River Promenade and Merlion Park, Free admission
Highlight: Traditional street entertainment and olden-day snacks

3) Singapore Chinese Dialect Tingkat Cruise
Date: 16-25 July (4pm to 10pm)
Location: Merlion Park, $35 per person
Highlight: Relax with a 45-minute cruise and a tingkat meal; you get to keep the tiffin carrier as door gift.

4) Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast
Date: 25 July (5pm to 10pm)
Location: Clarke Quay Read Bridge, S$38 for adults, S$22 for children
Highlight: Buffet of more than 108 dishes from the five major dialect groups, buy tickets online at

5) Makansutra SFF Culinary Master Classes
Date: 17-25 July
Location: A various location, from S$55 onwards
Highlight: Legendary chefs skilled in specific dialect group dishes have been singled out to give hands-on classes and demonstrations

I am ready and prepare myself to some of the events, how about you?  See you tomorrow on the Singapore Food Festival opening :).

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