Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Penang trip – Day 3: Seafood feast at Bagan Prawn seafood village, Bukit Tambun

We left Balik Pulau in a rush, and drove to our next destination at the other side of Penang – Bukit Tambun for our seafood feast. What? Bukit Tambun!!! Yes, Bukit Tambun - the small fishing village which located at the south of Penang mainland; even myself also can’t believe how crazy we are as we really drive the entire Penang in a day (we drove from the Penang island to Penang mainland). Hahahah…
Swettenham Pier
Instead of crossing Penang Bridge, we crossed the island by cross-channel ferry services.

Under the blue, my mood was high. :O

There is a wide variety of seafood to choose from; hmm… what should we have for today?

There are a lot of photos and articles which show how famous the restaurant is.

The restaurant dining area is floating on the river bank, we were enjoyed our dinner with beautiful sunset scene.

Does it look like a postcard?

Back to the table, let start the feast with “Buah Kedondong” plum juice, this cool juice had given us a ‘kick’ and spiced up our appetite.

Boiled Octopus 'Arms'

I hope I didn’t translate wrongly, I didn’t put octopus as this is a whole plate of octopus arms, I can’t find the other part of octopus. And until now I still wondering how they provide this dish. This is a pretty simple but unique dish, they just boiled the octopus arms without any redundant sauce. At first, I thought it will be tasteless, but it’s so crunchy, chewy, and … ‘sweet’. You can just chew it and taste the original ‘seafood sweetness’ and value is added when you dipped with their chilli sauce. This is a must have dish. ^^

Boiled combshell

Another new dish, boiled combshell, or thik teng, and it looks like alien to me. You need to use the toothpick to poke out the meat, it is fun in poking but it’s not to my liking. As a food adventurer, you must try if you didn’t try before and it goes well with chilli sauce.

Another surprise, sweet sour mantis shrimp, do you see this sea creature before? They are called xia gu(虾蛄) in mandarin, in cantonese cuisine, mantis shrimp is a popular dish known as "pissing shrimp" (攋尿蝦). I can’t find it at my hometown (hmm… I mean JB), and normally, we only can find its relative – crayfish at JB (please enlighten me if you know where to find mantis shrimp at JB). Although it named shrimp, but their flesh is closer to that of lobsters than that of shrimp, and like lobsters, their shells are quite hard and require some pressure to crack. Must try.

Chilli Crab

Steam Pomfret

Prawn village bean curd and ‘stuffing you tiao’

Compare to them, chilli crab and the rest seems like too common and nothing particular. Overall, I am satisfied with the seafood and the environment here. And that sums up my Penang trip, which is very much illustrated by food, food, and more food! I love Penang, KH, may I visit Penang in next year?

672, Bagan Bukit Tambun, 14100,
Simpang Ampar, SPS

Tel: +604-5880541

Business Hours:

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