Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teochew Cuisine @ Liang Kee (亮记)

‘Fusion’ cuisine seems to be an in thing nowadays. A down-to-earth traditional Chinese cuisine, ironically, become hard to come by.

It is therefore rather refreshing to have our gathering at this traditional Teochew restaurant. And it certainly does not let us down.

Cold plate (includes Ngoh Hiang, coffee pork ribs...)

Fish maw soup

Steamed pomfret in teochew style
One of the Teochew signature dish, the sweetness, sourness of the gravy is best accompany with the rice. =)

Crayfish dishes with cereal

Braised duck
One of my personal favourites. The duck meat was tender and the skin had just the right amount of fats (sorry, not zero-fat). It came in generous slices, soaked in a concoction of soy sauce and other spices. Most importantly, it also came with a delicious Teochew-style chilli-vinegar-garlic dipping. Utterly addictive.

Fish maw with sea cucumber

braised pork rib served with buns on the side

‘Dry-fried’ kway teow
Although I was already full, but I still tried the last dish before my dessert. The ‘dry-fried’ kway teow is the best kway teow dish I have ever had, and something I haven't seen anywhere else. The ingredients include pickled turnip, egg and chives. And it had the kind of smell (we called it ‘wok-fragrant’) that only came when the kway teow was fried with extremely ‘wild’ fire, often to the extent that the fire appeared at the top of the wok. And you know that only very experienced chefs can manage it.

Finally, we had our dessert - yam paste (orh ni) to complete our meal. The yam paste is served with pumpkin and gingko nuts and covered with syrup, it’s really yummy...

Liang Kee Restaurant
737 Havelock Road
Tel: 6278 7026


  1. Oh, all the food looks amazing! Beautiful pictures... :)

  2. all of the dishes is making my mouth water!

  3. Wow! Those are some dishes. Good meal.

  4. I love the starter & of course, can't do w/o d fish maw soup. Typical of me being a Teochew myself. Thks for sharing!