Monday, August 3, 2009

Chicken rice - Singaporean's favourite

Rice is an essential in Eastern diet. And it comes with many varieties. Among them, Hainanese chicken rice is Singaporeans’ favourite. And to cater for Muslim, we now have a halal version - Malay Chicken rice.

The couple meal (2 pax) $11.00

Although I didn’t check with them what kind of rice they are using, but I am quite sure that they are using long grain Thai fragrant rice as it has absorbed the maximum flavour from the chicken stock. The grains still remain separate after cooking, and you can have a good bite.

Malay’s chicken rice is famous for the roasted chicken. As the chicken is marinated with assorted spices, you can taste it from its skin, to the meat, and even the bone (if you have strong teeth ).

The side dish is the deep fried tofu. The skin is crunchy, the inner is soft. With shredded cucumber and carrot, Thai chilli sauce, ground peanut and sesame seed, the sweetness and sourness of the dish will make your tongue dancing...

640 Bukit Batok Central
Singapore 658640


  1. Ha ha, you can try it when you are in Singapore!

  2. I love Hainan chicken rice! I think Roast chicken tastes really delish too!

  3. Wow That looks amazing. I love chicken rice. Do they cook the rice with chicken stock and fat in your country? They do that in Thailand.

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  4. OMG - i could eat this dish everyday, all day long. soooo good!

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  6. Bingo, the chicken rice is cooked with the chicken stock, and chicken fat, definitely will visit your blog too...

    Ha ha, I'm going to share the chicken rice recipe with you, so you can prepare the dish at home...