Friday, August 27, 2010

Mutton bone marrow stew

‘Dear, they have mutton bone marrow stew, do you want?’ KH

‘Of course.’ I said.

‘Ok, we order a little bit for tasting. But, do you know how to eat?’ KH.

‘Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too difficult.’

I have mentioned many times in front of KH that I am keen to try the mutton bone marrow stew after I have read an article by a famous foodie (蔡澜).  So we were so excited when we noticed that the Indian food stall have provided this dish.

I was completely clueless when the red mutton bones, which stewed in a spicy sweet chilli, tomato, a little cabbage and mutton stock, arrived with a useless fork in front of me. Since the fork was useless, I found myself clumsily in handling this sticky and slippery bone by my hands. I picked up the bone, sucked it and tapped it repeatedly, tuk! tuk! tuk! ... tuk!tuk!tuk! Finally the buttery marrow slid out.

This greyish brown matter is soft and smooth; you can have it by spread on the toast. It tastes wonderful but not everyone can accept it, for instance KH totally can’t accept it at all.  But still, I suggest you to try once before you come to conclusion. (And always remember not to wear in white when you are trying this dish, hahah)

Tuk! tuk! tuk! after fighting hard with my bone marrow, I went home with red-stained fingers, a ruined shirt and a feeling of happy.


  1. Fun post - I must say they do look enticing. So who needs a fork anyway?

  2. i heard some use straws to suck the marrow out ...

  3. actually the fork is probably to help you scrap the marrow out, by using the reverse end of it. :P