Sunday, July 25, 2010

Prawn noodles @ Whitley Road Big Prawn Mee

Eating is a key to the faculty of memory. You might forget a lot of things but still remember the flavour you have tasted before. Prawn noodles is one of the key to me, the flavour of the soup will keep remind me the happiness in my childhood. So, although prawn noodles is not one of my most favourite food, but I will be attracted by the Prawn noodles stall or restaurant.

One day, when I and KH were on our way to Novena MRT station, we have been attracted by the crowded of the restaurant. “Wow! Is prawn noodles.” “No, dear, is big prawn noodles, do you want to try?”KH. “Why not? Let’s see how good it is.”

This is what I ordered, $4 prawn noodles in soup, which came with 2 middle size prawns which has sliced into half. The broth is thick enough, brimming with overpowering flavour of prawn and pork bone, and I finish all of it. But, unfortunately, the prawns seem like a bit ‘tasteless’, does it overcook? Or the broth is ‘over tasting’? I can’t figure out the truth, only will come back for the broth.

This is what KH ordered, Dry prawn noodles with Pig’s tail.

Could you see that? We noticed that the prawn noodles with pig’s tail only came with 1 big prawn and 1 middle size prawn which has sliced into half. If you are keen for the big prawn, maybe you should order the big prawn noodles without the Pig’s tail, liver or so on.

Besides Prawn noodles, we also ordered Ngioh Hiang, nothing particular, a common snacks.

It's sad that I am not satisfied by the prawn noodles here. Nothing wrong then, it just not the same flavour as I expected for; maybe I should try the prawn noodles at Wah Kee for comparison, hope to find the same flavour I have tasted before. Do you find the key of your faculty of memory?

Whitley Road Big Prawn Mee
Add: 273 Thomson Road
        #01-03A, Novena Garden
        (open daily from 7am to 10pm)
Tel: 62544258


  1. Those prawns are enormous! Looks good!

  2. Yes, there are the gorilla in the prawn world.