Thursday, June 24, 2010

Penang tri - Day 1 in Georgetown, Penang (Part1): Heng Huat aka Lorong Selamat Char Kuay Teow

All of my days, I would like to write something about Penang food. It was so excited when I was invited to my sister’s wedding In Penang. I grabbed the chance to realize my wishes, listed out the food and restaurant which I want to explore, hahah, have a sweet dream on that night.

The 1st stall I have explored is a famous char kuay teow stall, which located at Lorong Selamat. How famous she is, it can be told from how crowded the shop is. According to local, there are a lot of patrons from Kuala Lumpur during weekend, and it takes a long time to have a plate of char kuay teow. Therefore, it is allowed to order food from the other shop while you waiting char kuay teow (mentioned in the sighboard), what a thoughtful boss ^^.

Do you notice that the boss is using charcoal instead of gas? She is famous with her charcoal char kuay teow and her signature red hat.

This is what I ordered, spicy big prawn char kuay teow, RM8. Must try!!
Every time when I saw this photo, my mouth will full of saliva. So hungry as I still can feel the hot spicy kuay teow is dancing on the tongue, the sweetness of clam, the springy prawn, the egg's aroma...

PS: Please order some snack when you are waiting for your char kuay teow, before you have swallowed your tongue. I have ordered oyster omelette from the other shop.

Satisfied, when my meal is completed with dessert - ice cream ice kacang

Kafe Heng Huat 108 Lorong Selamat Penang
GPS Coordinates: N 5 25′ 02.0″ E 100 19′ 29.7″


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