Friday, August 21, 2009

The Queen & Mangosteen @ Vico City, Singapore

Last Wednesday, we celebrated HS’s birthday at Vivo City. HS’s original plan was DianXiaoEr Restaurant. But she changed her mind after my strong recommendation on The Queen and Mangosteen Restaurant. Of course I have done my homework before making the recommendation. This restaurant is highly recommended by many food blogs.

As soon as I stepped in, I was impressed by the cosy and décor of the pub. The restaurant is facing the Sentosa Island, it’s has a great view of the sea and the island (you can see a lot of construction work for the IR now). Under the dim light and soft music, it is really a wonderful dining experience.

Okay, now the question was, what to eat? We asked the waitress for recommendation. With her help, we finally ordered 2 of their popular main dishes and nibbles.

Bangers & mash served w caramelised onion gravy $26

Bangers & mash came with 3 types of sausages (veal, pork, lamb), creamy mashed potatoes and topped with onion rings. The sausages had a well-browned exterior, crispy and yet juicy. It is better than the usual sausage I have tried at the other restaurant. The onion rings are crispy outside and soft inside, it does not have the strong onion “smell” and not oily at all. I love the mash potatoes too, it is creamy, smooth, and rich of flavour. The sauce has enhanced the fragrant of the dish. Must try!

Grilled Asian Pesto Chicken, Rosemary roast potatoes, garden vegetable served w a tomato coriander sauce $20

It’s quite normal dish, no bad, but also no surprise.

french fries with chili crab sauce $11

Another popular dish, the key item is the chilli crab sauce. But, it’s not to my liking, end up we finished them separately. The chilli crab sauce tastes good by itself. Poor combination.

White baits with tartar sauce $10

This is a simple dish, but, surprisingly tastes fantastic. The white baits are crunchy and mix well with the chilli aioli dip.

Cambridge brunt cream $10

Cambridge brunt cream, is actually a French dessert - Crème brulee in French. This crazy-rich custard with the brunt-sugar top, use a real vanilla bean for the intoxicating flavour and aroma. With raspberries, blueberries, and gooseberry, it tastes even more incredible. Must try!

Chocolate & cassis cake w triple chocolate ice-cream & mixed berry sauce $12

The most important dish tonight! This is the ‘birthday cake’ for HS. You must be wondering where to place the candles … Well, the chef put a strawberry on top of the cake to hold the candle (yes, one candle only). He was waiting at the side and quickly removed it once HS has blown the candle. Ha ha!

We spent about $94 (after 10%, sentosa staff’s discount) on the meal and left with a big smile. This is one place that we'll be back again!

1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-106/107 VivoCity

Tel: 6376 9380


  1. Nice review, love the cake picture.

  2. The food looks good. I love fried small fish:)


  3. this place looks cool love the name, came from foodie blogroll have a lovely weekend Rebecca

  4. I love this kind of food! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks all for the comments.

    I was told that Asian pesto was made with basil, Chinese parsley and sesame oil. Too bad, no chance to see how the chef prepare it.

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